Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adam's Positive Attitude

Not only does he have the charisma, the voice, the stage presence, and the whole “package” that makes for a superstar. He's also humble, gracious, courteous, respectful, genuine - rare qualities that I hope he keeps as he continues on his journey to megastardom!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Adam Talks about What's Next

This guy not only has everything it takes to be a superstar - the voice, the looks, the stage presence, the creativity.  He also has enormous poise, respect for others, and, above all, real class.  I can't wait to buy his recordings, albums, and - some day - a ticket to his concert.

Preview of Retirement Days

The way I spent my afternoon and evening is how I'd like to live when I'm retired (if ever).  I went with friends from my international women's group to the Sapporo Modern Art Museum to see a Yuzo Saeki Retrospective (oil paintings from 1923-1928 by a Japanese artist who lived in Paris).  Then we had a delicious Italian dinner at Tanto Travoletta.  Finally, I got home in time to watch the “rat pack” performances on American Idol.  This kind of leisure time is rare, but I'm hoping it's a preview of days to come.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gratitude During Ups and Downs

UP - My weight was down another pound this morning.

DOWN - ADAM LAMBERT LOST (although he's still going to be the biggest superstar ever to come out of American Idol)!

UP - Today was an incredibly warm, gorgeous day - like July in mid-May.

DOWN - I'm supposed to send out a bulk mailing about our language teachers' conference this Sunday, and my Mail hasn't been working right since Monday.  I made an appointment at the Apple store with the Mac Genius at lunchtime, thinking I could get it fixed, but they couldn't so I left my computer at the store while I went to teach my afternoon class.

UP - I got a ticket to the Simon and Garfunkel (who are actually coming to Sapporo) concert in July.

DOWN - I got on the subway going the wrong way and had to backtrack.

UP - I got to my afternoon class (Enjoy English! which I inherited from a colleague) just in time and it was delightful, as always.

DOWN - The Mac Geniuses still hadn't figured out the problem with my Mail and, in fact, now it's worse because I've lost all the rules I had for sorting messages into folders.

DOWN - I didn't get my afternoon nap and have my usual no-nap migraine-like headache.

UP - I don't have the flu, which has resulted in schools getting closed in other parts of Japan.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Simon on Susan

I appreciate Simon's candor and also the fact that he really is impressed by Susan Boyle.