Sunday, November 29, 2009

Re-Energizing My Life Begins

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I have completed my one-day fast with a large bowl of blueberries followed by a couple of small persimmon.  Although I felt hungry early in the day, it didn't bother me.  Late afternoon, however, I began to count the hours until the time to break the fast (7:15 p.m. since that's when I completed my meal yesterday).  Blueberries never tasted so good!  I need to take it easy the rest of the evening.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Detoxing

A.M.: Sleep was restless, and I sweated a lot during the night.  I had always thought my sweating was due to over-consumption of sugar.  I *did* have fruit for supper, but was fasting the rest of the day.  I suppose that it’s part of the detox.  I wonder if I’ll continue to sweat.

P.M.: I discovered that, after a day of fasting and then having only light meals, my senses were heightened, especially that of smell.  This is not necessarily positive in that, while riding on the subway, she could tell what everyone had had for breakfast (which was booze for the young woman sitting next to me), and it was difficult to tolerate anyone who smoked or wore too much perfume.

I didn't stay completely raw today because I simply wasn't able to have my vegetable salad (which was my dinner) without dressing.  I need to get some lemon juice when I'm at the supermarket tomorrow.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Breaking the Fast

I started a fast, with only water, after dinner yesterday evening.  Today I was able to manage fasting until about 4 p.m., and then the hunger just got too strong.  I had blueberries and persimmons (separately) to break the fast over the next few hours.  I found that I enjoyed the fruit in a way that I wouldn’t normally, if it was part of a meal.  I also noticed myself holding the fruit in my mouth longer than usual, which gave me great pleasure.

Physically I’m not doing all that well.  I feel drained, and I have a headache, which I know is a normal part of detoxing and also may be due to not having any chocolate or coffee (even though I drink decaf).

Also, the place where I had a tooth pulled 3 days ago is throbbing more than it had been.  It’s not all that painful, but it’s certainly calling my attention to it.

I have a sense that I’ll sleep very well tonight.  I also need to think about what I’ll be eating in the morning since I’ll have no time to prepare anything and very little time to eat (leave at 6:50 a.m. to get the subway).  I’m thinking pineapple.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Re-Energizing My Life

For the upcoming Re-Energize Your Life program, I have been preparing for the detox, which starts with a fast from Sunday evening to Monday evening, by clearing my fridge of all the cooked, processed food that doesn’t keep.  That doesn’t mean I am throwing away food!  I simply have minimized my purchases to the point where there’s only the amount necessary for the next week’s meals.

For the last two mornings, I’ve also been doing some reading about fasting and conscious eating, the latter in an article by Yogi Amrit Desai for the Kripalu Self-Help Guide.  A couple of quotations that I like or that resonate with me include, “The ultimate answer [to finding which foods are just right for us] is to learn to rely on our inner body wisdom or prana for guidance,” and “Eating vegetables is eating sunshine.”

During the next few weeks, I want to rediscover a natural hunger that’s not based on habits and to stop using eating as way to cope with fatigue and stress.  I also believe that, as I cleanse myself inwardly, clearing my external environment of excess clutter is an important part of the process.