Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Detoxing

A.M.: Sleep was restless, and I sweated a lot during the night.  I had always thought my sweating was due to over-consumption of sugar.  I *did* have fruit for supper, but was fasting the rest of the day.  I suppose that it’s part of the detox.  I wonder if I’ll continue to sweat.

P.M.: I discovered that, after a day of fasting and then having only light meals, my senses were heightened, especially that of smell.  This is not necessarily positive in that, while riding on the subway, she could tell what everyone had had for breakfast (which was booze for the young woman sitting next to me), and it was difficult to tolerate anyone who smoked or wore too much perfume.

I didn't stay completely raw today because I simply wasn't able to have my vegetable salad (which was my dinner) without dressing.  I need to get some lemon juice when I'm at the supermarket tomorrow.

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