Monday, November 23, 2009

Breaking the Fast

I started a fast, with only water, after dinner yesterday evening.  Today I was able to manage fasting until about 4 p.m., and then the hunger just got too strong.  I had blueberries and persimmons (separately) to break the fast over the next few hours.  I found that I enjoyed the fruit in a way that I wouldn’t normally, if it was part of a meal.  I also noticed myself holding the fruit in my mouth longer than usual, which gave me great pleasure.

Physically I’m not doing all that well.  I feel drained, and I have a headache, which I know is a normal part of detoxing and also may be due to not having any chocolate or coffee (even though I drink decaf).

Also, the place where I had a tooth pulled 3 days ago is throbbing more than it had been.  It’s not all that painful, but it’s certainly calling my attention to it.

I have a sense that I’ll sleep very well tonight.  I also need to think about what I’ll be eating in the morning since I’ll have no time to prepare anything and very little time to eat (leave at 6:50 a.m. to get the subway).  I’m thinking pineapple.

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