Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fun with TOEFL

Zonked TOEFL Students
The course was a joke to begin with, but that's another story (including why I have no textbook or CDs to teach with). I actually enjoy teaching TOEFL! And I guess students enjoy my teaching because four of them who have actually spent a year studying abroad were in my Sapporo University TOEFL class, which just started today. (They're the ones you see in the photo after I had a hypnotism session with a private class to help them concentrate and focus better during the exam, as well as feeling very relaxed.)

I was feeling a bit crazy during the class and, perhaps because I had students at a high enough level that they could understand, I couldn't stop cracking jokes. At the end of the class, I told the students, "I'll probably be here next week, if my tooth doesn't kill me." (My tooth is hurting badly because I still haven't had it capped after having root canal a couple of weeks ago.) Then I asked the students, "Which is the correct answer? (A) CA is coming next week. (B) CA is going to die next week. (C) CA has a tooth. (D) CA has no teeth." The students laughed. I imagine they'll be back next week, for more craziness, if nothing else.

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