Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Laws Enacted by My Students

In my class at Fuji Women's University, the topic for the day was what should be prohibited. The example in the text was about smoking, and we talked for a bit about how the rules against smoking were gradually getting more strict in Sapporo. For example, it's no longer permitted on public transportation and even in the stations. What's more, downtown Sapporo now has big signs painted on the sidewalks prohibiting smoking and littering (a new word for the students).

In small groups, they then had to make school rules, then laws for the city, and finally laws for Japan. Here's a slightly edited composite of what they came up with:

School Rules
  • No smoking in the school.
  • No pets in school. (They said that included my cats!)
  • Food and drinks should be allowed in class.
  • No cells phones in class.
  • No tardiness (being late).
  • No writing on the desks.
  • No sleeping in class.
  • No reading magazines in class.
  • No noise in the halls.
  • Driving cars to schools should be allowed.
  • No bullying.
  • No stealing.

Laws for Cities (Sapporo)
  • No parking on the streets.
  • No crossing against the light.
  • No littering, especially cigarettes.
  • No hiding trash in the snow.
  • People must buy their own trash bags.
  • No smoking while walking, including in Odori Park.
  • No abandoning animals or allowing animals to roam freely.
  • Cell phones shouldn't be allowed on public transportation.
  • No shoplifting.
  • No graffiti.

Laws for Japan
  • Going to school is required for 9 years.
  • Getting a driver's license is allowed at age 18.
  • No drunk driving.
  • No illegal drugs.
  • No drinking for minors.
  • No smoking for minors.
  • No sexual harassment.
  • No domestic violence or sexual abuse.
  • No cruelty towards children.
  • No kidnapping.
  • No illegal aliens.
  • No polygamy (multiple marriages).
  • No religious cults allowed.
  • No stealing.
  • No scams.
  • No fraud.
  • No sleeping during meetings of the Diet.
  • No nuclear inspections. (I'll have to check what they meant by that one.)
  • No killing people.
  • No war!!!

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