Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rise again!

In the midst of rehearsal this evening, I realized how unusual my situation might appear to some, although I don't find it all that extraordinary. There I was, an American sitting among a group of Japanese, all singing in German.

We're rehearsing for Mahler's Symphony #2, to be performed in June at Kitara Hall. My German pronunciation continues to improve with each rehearsal. However, I'm probably the only one who has a translation written in English in her score so as to be able to sing not only with correct pronunciation but also with as much understanding as possible of what it is we're singing.

The piece is a tremendously powerful one. I only wish the choral part, which is only 10-15 minutes altogether, were longer. The performance, though, promises to be an exciting one.

"Rise again, yes, rise again. . . .
All that is created must perish.
All that has perished rises again.
Cease trembling!
Prepare to live! . . ."

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