Thursday, January 03, 2008

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008

Do you often wonder, as I do, what "news" we're not getting through the major mass media? What is they're not telling us and why? While people I've never heard of (and actually don't think I'm missing much by not knowing anything about them) are making headlines with DUIs and pregnancies out of wedlock, events that have an enormous effect on our lives are taking place and going on underreported or even unreported.

Fortunately, for people with free Internet access, there's a place to read the top 25 censored stories of the year. It's published by a media research group out of Sonoma State University that tracks that tracks the news published in independent journals and newsletters. Their long list of resources includes some that I once subscribed to, such as Mother Jones and the Village Voice, but now simply don't have the time to read.

However, I did read through the top censored stories of this year. If you have courage, read them for yourself at: Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008.

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Dennis said...

I'd never heard of the "Top 25 Censored Stories" site before reading your blog, CA. Frightening!

I'm certainly not surprised to learn of the scenarios presented at the site, but I'm amazed at how controlled reporting on the 25 topics has been in the supposedly "free press."

Definitely frightening!

Dennis in Phoenix