Saturday, January 23, 2010

Le peuple migrateur

I just fell in love - with Le peuple migrateur (The Traveling Birds), an exquisite French documentary that needs no narration.  Ranging from pelicans to penguins, from seagulls to storks, the stars of this film travel over vistas from all over the world.  On land, they touchingly take care of their young ones and struggle for survival under all conditions.

The film is so full of humor and wonder.  (I myself wonder, first, how migrating birds can possibly flap their wings for hours after getting no exercise for months, and how the photographers managed to have the viewer flying right along with the feathered miracles of nature.)  The soundtrack captures and enhances the movement, with humor and pathos. 

Warning: The film does contain violence!

The music includes:

One of the more poignant scenes in the film, out of many. 


alby42 said...

I wondered whether or not a U.S. DVD of Le peuple migrateur will format correctly in Japan if the homestay family receives this as a gift from our daughter?

CAtales said...

Alby, the DVD players in Japan are Region 2, but American DVDs are Region 1. However, many families now how region-free DVD players. It's best to ask the family what kind of DVD player they have.