Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Clutter Is All in Your Mind

Cathy Anderson's PowerPoint presentation on clutter was posted by a friend just when I needed it the most!
I succeeded in filling two cardboard boxes with recycled teaching material.  Having spent days, months, and years accumulating and organizing it for use in various level classes, it was not easy to just throw all that hard work into a box.  Much of it, however, has been around for several years because either I've refined the material and put it on my computer, or I have easy access to similar - or better - material on the Internet.  In fact, I wasn't even sure what I'd come across in the piles I went through.

I didn't enjoy having to remove all the staples, but I wanted to be sure it was all perfectly recyclable.  The effort was also worth it because I have that much more office space now (a luxury in Japan), and the clutter was taking up mental space as well.  It's great to feel a bit more clear!

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