Tuesday, June 06, 2006

No Ice Cream Dream

Before I relate my dream, I want to explain that I have foresworn sugar and sweets, especially in the form of ice cream and chocolate. In that I'm hypoglycemic, sugar is the worst thing I can put in my body, but I have an enormous sweet tooth. During the winter, when I was working on materials for To Kill a Mockingbird (see previous post), for nearly two months I had something sweet on a daily basis, usually in the form of chocolate, kind of as a reward for working so hard. One of the results was gaining 3 kilograms, which I certainly don't need on my small frame. I've gradually been adjusting to going without sweets, although I still get cravings from time to time. I was really pleased with what was revealed by my dream.

In the dream, I had met this new guy and we were strolling around in a place that looked like Hawaii or Thailand. We came across a wine and ice cream stand (!), and he said, "Let's have some ice cream," proceeding to order a chocolate cone. I stood back and said, "I don't eat ice cream." He was surprised and asked, "Are you sure?" And I really was!

Besides chocolate, the stand had several other flavors I love, such as pistachio. Another person came along and was going to order; the person behind the counter said you can have one of these free, except for the tax. (There were three orders of great-looking sundaes already made up, but the customers had left, so they were about to melt.) That customer took one, but I just looked on. Imagine - refusing free ice cream!

Oh, and the guy also had a glass of wine. I told him, "I can't have a glass of wine." He asked, "Why not?" I replied, "Because I wouldn't stop with one."

I haven't had wine or anything alcoholic for over 8 years now, so that's not new. However, the dream shows that I just might have succeeded in changing my attitude towards sweets, and especially ice cream.

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