Saturday, January 01, 2011

First Nightmare of the Year

Is the first dream of the year the one dreamt after going to bed Dec. 31st or Jan. 1st?  Either way, this one wasn't a pleasant one, and I hope it doesn't foretell anything.

I was having one of my adult classes and the students were a bit restless because we were leaving on a trip all together for Okinawa right afterwards. Because of that, we were supposed to finish the class a little early, but I wanted to cover 2 more points that were in my lesson plan.

As soon as the class was over, the students rushed off to the airport, which was right across the street from where we had our class.  I said I would follow soon.  There was still plenty of time.

However, after I picked up my bags, which were surprisingly light, and went over to meet them, I couldn't find the place where the plane took off.  I was going all over the place, which was like a large shopping mall, from one end to the other.  At one point I lost the smaller shopping bag that I had been carrying, but didn't have time to retrace my steps.  I ran up one escalator that I was sure led to the gate, but it went to a restaurant instead.  I was starting to get frantic.

Finally I decided to call one of the women in the class on my cell phone.  Just as I was going through my address book, Mrs. Yamamoto (who's actually not in the class, although she was in my dream) phoned me.  She sounded distressed.  She said that because of me, everyone had missed the flight and we wouldn't be able to go to Okinawa.  I was chagrined, especially since it was my fault.  

The Enjoy English class, the ones I was supposed to go to Okinawa with.
I won't let them down again!

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