Saturday, January 08, 2011

SYTYCD, Season 6, Top 14

An outstanding show! For those of you who missed it, catch a rerun if you possibly can. Now they can honestly say that Season 6 is one of the best, if not the best ever!

1) First Lindy Hop that I remember seeing on the show. Ellenore and Ryan blew me away! Not only their energy, with some difficult moves and steps that kept going and going, but the spirit of fun they brought to it! I was surprised to learn that Ryan had had back trouble, although they seemed to have a bit of a problem coming out of one of the lifts (although none of the judges mentioned it).  And I learned a new term: “Coffee grinders with the front flairs.”

2) What an fascinating jazz routine! I never knew that bodies could have so many angles. It seemed just made for Legacy and Kathryn (although obviously some of the choreography was made for Legacy, including the crab walks). Sonya was jumping with delight when Nigel said it was one of the best routines of the season.

3) Why do they put the dancers in black clothes against a dark background? It was so difficult to see them. Nevertheless, a splendid photograph could have been taken at any of the poses that Karen and Victor were holding in this very sexy tango. I wouldn't have noticed the number of pivots if Mary hadn't mentioned it.

4) Another pair of split pants! Mollee and Nathan both had so much fun with this Hip-Hop that it made it fun for the audience. I didn't notice all the flaws that the judges did, and Nigel in particular felt that it wasn't as professional as it could. Everyone's wondering what will happen when this couple is split up because they seem to have gotten so comfortable with each other.

5) I was concerned about Russell and Noelle doing a Samba because it's so not their genre, but they did a respectable job. The biggest problem is that it didn't get “uggy” (Adam's word, which he claims is in the dictionary), that is, down and dirty (which Mary described more delicately as compression).  Not enough SOUTH America.  Nigel said it best about Noelle in that her hips were moving but she's so sweet that it was a little too homogenized. I think these two are going to be better off with new partners.

6) After Sonya's other choreography, this one was a bit disappointing for me. It's called lyrical jazz, but I felt it made Jakob and Ashleigh look a bit awkward. It must have been just me because the judges didn't say anything of the kind, especially since Nigel said this was his favorite routine. What we agreed on is that this was a great partnership.

7) Ellenore and Ryan in a jazz routine - couldn't wait to see it. I actually liked their first routine better than this one, but they added their personality on top of some great choreography (again). Even so, although Adam said they nailed it, I think they could have gotten some tips from Evan. (Wonder if Evan's brother will ever be called on to choreograph a jazz routine.) I wouldn't have noticed how Ellenore went from the extension into first position if Adam hadn't mentioned it!

8) Uh oh! Legacy in Viennese waltz? He was a little too angular for me, but Kathryn was totally fluid. Legacy also needed to improve some of his footwork, as the judges noted, but the lifts were lovely. I sense that he could handle ballroom with more practice, but will he have a chance to get it?

9) Laurie Ann is the choreographer I'd least like to work with; she's tough and there's something so angry about her. There was some kind of ooomph missing, but Karen did much better than Victor.

10) Tyce DiOrio, Mollee, and Nathan - Couldn't get much better than this. First Cancan ever on SYTYCD? They certainly both had the stamina to pull it off (Adam: “Energizer Bunny”). I got chills watching it. This is going to be one of the most memorable for me. And one would never have guessed Mollee had a bad ankle if the judges hadn't mentioned it.

11) Tyce used the dancers so well in this routine. (Adam put it better by saying he used the “paint.”) It really helped that Russell and Noelle looked as though they've been together forever! What really impressed me about this number, as opposed to some of the other slower ones, is that the pauses and moments of silence were just as effective as the flow.

12) Here it comes! A cha-cha by Ashleigh and Jakob. I know this is going to be spectacular. [moments later] I KNEW it was going to be spectacular, and I think these two are ready for an international competition! It was so cute was when Jean-Marc mugged to camera, “My chair!”

I have a strong sense of who's not going home, but it's going to be a toughie. The weakest dance was Karen and Victor's Hip-Hop, so that may be their downfall.

Note: This was posted to the SYTYCD Fans in Japan page on Facebook.  This particular episode of the show (which is called American Dance Idol in Japan) was broadcast January 8, 2011.

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